April Gargiulo

April Gargiulo, founder of the skin-care company Vintner's Daughter, closes the loop between winemaking, soil health and sustainable skincare, as she tells the story of the slow beauty company she created to reflect her desire for quality, love for the earth, and production with an old-world mindset. April works from the foundation that fewer and better products are the remedy to a market built for overconsumption, and approaches skincare with the attitude of a winemaker: focusing on whole plants, active ingredients, quality sourcing, and soil health, resulting in a product made to an exacting standard of quality.

For April, slow living means leaning into terroir, the unique flavor of a place that it carries due to the composition of the soil in which things are grown. Her intentionality and desire to engage with the details of the making process fuel her ability to serve her specific community, just as creators would have done in the pre-industrial age.

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Topics Covered:

  • Slow Beauty
  • Winemaking
  • Holistic Skincare Routine
  • Soil Health and Terroir from a Skincare Perspective
  • Creating Products with a “Fewer, Better” Mindset
  • Conscious Consumption

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