Mairin Wilson

Mairin Wilson talks about the ways that Christy Dawn, a dress company based in Los Angeles, California, is transcending sustainability and seeking to create garments that regenerate land, businesses, and communities from the soil up. Rather than being satisfied with a net-neutral outcome when it comes to their agricultural, manufacturing, and employment practices, Christy Dawn is working towards a positive impact through innovative fundraising campaigns, regenerative farming methods, and high standards for transparency throughout the entire process of making clothes.

As the Director of Regenerative Practices at Christy Dawn, Mairin has the privilege of visiting and working alongside farm and textile partners in India who are returning to traditional methods of farming, printing, and dyeing cotton cloth. She loves the way her job allows her to connect with the abundant life present in healthy soil, and is excited to continue working towards increasingly positive outcomes through regenerative practices.

Topics Covered:

  • Rethinking Weeds
  • Organic Cotton
  • Regenerative Agriculture and the Fashion Industry
  • Innovative Economic Practices in the Textile Industry
  • The Dangers of Conventional Cotton
  • Block Printing and Natural Dye Traditions

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