Asia Suler

164.  Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth with Asia Suler, Author of "Mirrors in the Earth"

How can we reconnect ourselves to nature, to the plants and animals around us, and the very Earth we walk upon? This is the topic of discussion with our guest Asia Suler, writer, teacher, mother, earth intuitive, ecological philosopher and author of Mirrors in the Earth: Reflections on Self-Healing from the Living World. Asia has taught her principles to over 20,000 students in 70+ countries, and constantly sees how going on a journey of self-healing and acceptance is the key to being able to heal both ourselves and our place in the ecosystem. In this interview, Asia brings us into the profound ecological history of the Appalachian mountains, the magic and healing potential of the natural world, and the interconnectedness of our personal healing with the healing of the whole world. She believes that when we embody the belief that we are enough as we are, we then we ourselves embody the healing of the Earth.

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Topics Discussed

• What comes to mind with when we think of mirrors in the earth?

• Asia's Background and Experience Leading to the Writing of her Book.

• Joyful Engagement with the Living World

Vulvodynia, Lyme Disease, and Chronic Pain

• Western Herbalism

• Finding Your Place in Nature

• Creating One Willow Apothecary

• Flower Essences & The Power of the Violet

• Psycho-emotional States and Inner Blockages

• Intellectual Rationalism

• Growing up In-between Philadelphia and New York

• Watering Plants throughout New York

• Re-connecting with Magic

• Cultivating a Love of Earth in Urban Spaces

• The 10 Year Process Behind "Mirrors in the Earth"

• Self-Realization & Self-Compasson

• The Influence of Indigenous Beliefs

• Earth as a Sentient Being

• Empaths & Sensitives

• Humanity's Place on Earth & The Proclivity towards Narcissism

• Gardens, Boundaries, and Social Media

• The Magic within the Appalachian Mountains



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