Floris van Hees and Ivar Smits

163. Sailors for Sustainability Searching for Solutions: A Journey Around the World


We often hear about the rising tides, the growing storms, the heat that continues to climb. Climate change stories are all around us. But what if we were to experience them, face-to-face? Dutch sailors Floris van Hees and Ivar Smits are doing just that. As Sailors for Sustainability, in 2016 Floris and Ivar embarked on a voyage around the world searching for an answer to the growing crisis from as many cultures as they could visit. Aboard their boat out at sea, Floris and Ivar have an incredibly inspiring conversation with Emma and Mary. They share their adventures, exploring the highs and lows of their expedition, and how they have witnessed firsthand the urgent need for change and the incredible initiatives that are driving positive transformation around the globe. From sustainable agriculture to renewable energy, they have encountered passionate individuals, politicians, and organizations who are actively working towards a more sustainable future. Their unwavering optimism and belief in humanity's ability to achieve change will impact you, leaving you feeling as though anything can be possible — as long as we work together.

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Topics Discussed

• Emma's Wooden Boat Adventures & The Almanac

• Sustainable Solutions in All Areas of Life

• Sailing as a Passion

• Humanity's Dependence on Nature

• A Dream of Sailing Around the World

• Immersion in Different Cultures: Switzerland, Netherlands, and More

• Why Sailing is the Most Sustainable Mode of World Travel

• Alternative Renewable Fuel: Energy from the Sun, the Wind, and the Sea

• Documenting Solutions to Climate Change

• Providing Inspiration & Motivation to Others

• What YOU Can Do

• Using Your Vote to Support the Green Agenda

• Confronting Climate Change & Ecosystem Destruction Upfront

• The State of the Sea and Corals

• Plastics Islands in the Ocean

• Social Inequality

• Agro-Ecology & Brazil

• Dealing with Eco-Grief/Eco-Anxiety

• Day in the Life on the Sea

• Low Points & High Points Out at Sea

• Funding the Project

• Spreading the Message

• The Power of Hope


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