August Bonus Episode: Mary & Emma

BONUS:  Always Feeling Rushed?  Three Practices for Experiencing More Time in Your Day

Do you feel like your time slips away from you? Do you feel overwhelmed by the tasks you have to complete during your day, like they're an insurmountable mountain you can't climb? You're not alone. We all feel this way at times. At The Good Dirt, we aim to educate and empower you, the consumer, to create the life you want and embrace slow living. In today's discussion, Mary and Emma will explore techniques to help you reframe your relationship with time and provide three practical tips for helping you experience more spaciousness in your day:

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Topics Discussed

• What Time Actually Is

• EOD or End-of-Day

• The 21st Century Human's Relationship to Time

• The Fixed Nature of a 24 Hour Day

• Allowing Time

• Changing Our Language Internally & Externally

• The Making Meditation

• Remember the Breath

• Embrace Empty Space

• Giving Your Kids Permission to Embrace Time

• Overview of the 3 Practices: Allowing Time, The Making Meditation, Embrace Empty Space


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