Philip Clayton

156. Pathways Toward an Ecological Civilization with Phillip Clayton of EcoCiv 

As the climate crisis continues to escalate, viable solutions might seem more and more unattainable. Our guest is Phillip Clayton, Co-Founder and President of the Institute for Ecological Civilization, talking about the great hope in on-the-ground solutions showing up all over the world that reflect the values of living in harmony with the earth. Phillip describes EcoCiv as a place where "big ideas meet the local project." With his extensive background in academia, including a PhD from Yale University and guest professorships at top universities, he has refocused his efforts at the intersection of the environment and humanity, helping others in living ecologically and in ways that foster the thriving of our one and only planet earth. Phillip provides three crucial steps that anyone can take to transform their habits and explores how each of us can affect positive change in a world that is increasingly in need of ecological solutions.

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Topics Discussed

• The Institute for Ecological Civilization

• The Climate Crisis

• Finding a Piece of Earth

• Reconciling Theology and Ecology

• Our Home Ecosystem

• Panentheism & Spirituality

• Centering Nature over Humanity

• Honoring the Sacred Aspect of Nature

• The Anthropocene

• How Humanity's Dominance Over Nature Shows Up In Our Day-to-Day

• Transforming Our Habits

• Promising Changes Happening Today

• The Three Phrases to Help Anyone Get Started

• Incremental Lifestyle Choices


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