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BONUS: Listener Chat!  Mary & Emma with Nathalie Girod

In this episode, Mary and Emma sit down with a longtime listener Nathalie Girod, a designer with a rich multicultural background, who shares her journey and experiences in slow and sustainable living. Nathalie discusses how her upbringing in a family with French and Bolivian roots has influenced her sustainable practices, her professional career in fashion design, and her commitment to living a life that minimizes environmental impact.

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Key Takeaways

Cultural Influences on Sustainability: Nathalie talks about how growing up with French and Bolivian grandparents who valued resourcefulness and minimal waste deeply impacted her lifestyle choices.
Sustainable Fashion: Nathalie shares insights from her career in fashion, emphasizing the importance of custom-made, slow fashion as opposed to mass-produced, fast fashion.
Daily Sustainable Practices: Nathalie outlines her daily habits and choices that contribute to a sustainable lifestyle, from cooking seasonal food to making her own cleaning products.
Independent Thinking: Embracing slow living requires courage and independent thinking, especially in a world driven by consumerism and convenience.
Topics Discussed

Differences in sustainable practices between Europe and the United States
Nathalie's journey in the fashion industry and her focus on slow, custom-made fashion
Practical sustainable living tips, including:
Cooking seasonal and homemade food
Making homemade cleaning products
Using reusable and low-waste products
The importance of independent thinking in adopting a sustainable lifestyle

Resources Mentioned

Karen Logan's Book: Clean House Clean Planet – A guide for making homemade cleaning products.
Mary Reynolds' Wildlife Sanctuary: Nathalie mentions being inspired by Mary Reynolds to create a wildlife sanctuary.
Sustainable Fashion Tips: Insights on slow fashion and custom-made clothing from Nathalie's experience.

Connect with Nathalie: @isa.maisa on Instagram


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