Mary and Emma's Story with Bailey Van Tassel

196. Garden Culture with Bailey Van Tassel: Mary & Emma's Story 

On the other side of the interview this week, we're sharing the episode we did with Bailey Van Tassel of Garden Culture Podcast! We'll be back next week with another interview from The Good Dirt!


Emma and Mary Kingsley are the mother-daughter duo behind Lady Farmer, a brand that began with a sustainable clothing line and now is a successful podcast (The Good Dirt) around slow and conscious living. Emma and Mary talk about each of their childhoods and how it informed their current path together. They chat about what moved them to do a Kickstarter campaign which led to where they are now, on a sustainable path and how they live within that ethos. This chat is a great peek into how it takes nothing other than a passion and interest to move into a life that you're inspired by and proud of. They share about plastic in our clothing, where they shop, and what we all can think about to start getting more intentional.



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Emma and Mary's Fave Books:

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

We are the Ark by Mary Reynolds

Love, Nature, Magic by Maria Rodale


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