Emily Walker

190. Earth Day Every Day: The Evolution of a Movement with Emily Walker of EarthDay.org

We all know about Earth Day, but when and how did it begin, and how has it evolved over it's 54 year history? In this special Earth Day episode, we are interviewing Emily Walker who is the education coordinator at the nonprofit that started it all: EarthDay.org. We are diving into the significance of Earth Day, its 1970 origin, and its evolution over the years towards addressing contemporary environmental issues. Each year they chose a new focus, and the theme for this year's Earth Day is 'Planet vs. Plastics,' emphasizes the urgent need to decrease plastic production and usage. Emily explores how EarthDay.org's education drives aim to incorporate climate education into school systems worldwide, the challenges and successes of implementing such programs, and the organization's efforts to influence environmental policies at various levels. In this conversation, we talk about the importance of individual action, community involvement, and the need for systemic change to address environmental issues. Emily also talks about the hope she sees in the younger generation's enthusiasm for finding solutions to the environmental issues we are now facing.

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Topics Discussed

· Celebrating Earth Day: Origins and Impact

· The Evolution of Environmental Awareness

· From Litterbugs to Environmental Advocates

· Earth Day's Mission: Combatting Plastic Pollution

· Inside EarthDay.org: Its Missions Today

· Emily Walker's Journey from Teacher to EarthDay.org Education Coordinator

· The Expanding Role of Earth Day in Education and Policy

· Current Initiatives and Future Plans for Earth Day

· The Challenge of Eliminating Plastics

· Reflecting on Past Environmental Efforts and the Path Forward

· The Problem with Plastic Packaging

· Slowing Down & Making Sustainable Choices

· The Hidden Dangers of Plastics for Babies

· Sustainable Clothing and Health Impacts

· Demand for Sustainable Alternatives

· The Role of Consumers and Institutions in Sustainability

· The Importance of Policy Change and Education

· Global Perspectives on Earth Day Initiatives

· Inspiring Hope Through Youth Advocacy

· Planet vs Plastics

· Climate Education

· Mindset Shift to Earth Day Every Day

· Take Action Global Tag & Coding for Climate

· Ending Plastic in Cafeteria Initiative

· Taking a Moment to Reflect on Our Purchasing Choices

· Consequences of Convenience

Episode Resources:

· Baby vs Plastic - Earth Day Article

· Hierarchy of Needs

· Climate Ed 101 - Earth Day Article

· Planet vs. Plastics

Connect with Emily Walker:

· Website: https://www.earthday.org

· Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/earthdaynetwork/

· Earth Day Educators Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/earthdayeducators/


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