Lucky Sweater

178. The Swapping Solution with Lucky Sweater Founders Carley Lake & Tanya Dastyar 

In this episode, Mary and Emma feature a conversation with Carley Lake and Tanya Dastyar, co-founders of Lucky Sweater, a tech platform designed for a slow fashion community. They share how Lucky Sweater works, allowing users to swap, gift, and trade clothing items, fostering a sustainable and connected community. Carley started out as one of the first 500 employees at Uber before becoming a digital strategist while Tanya was leading product for Microsoft News and Microsoft Managed Desktop before going into freelance Product Design. The conversation outlines the origins and growth of Lucky Sweater and what they are trying to do to combat consumer culture. Carley and Tanya also open up on how they balance work and their personal lives, why they want to shift consumer mentalities towards sustainability, and the impact of technology on our modern lifestyles.

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Topics Discussed

· Hot Chocolate Recipe

· Being Without Heat

· Slow Fashion

· Environmentally Aware Brands

· Staying Away from Fashion Trends

· Sewers, Crocheters, Knitters, and Crafts

· Fabrics

· Building a Community-Based App

· The Swap Drop

· Shipping & Handling

· The Sell-Resell Market

· Gifting

· Poshmark & the Secondhand Market

· Fast Fashion Trends

· Technology & Social Media

· How Lucky Sweater Makes a Profit

· Amsterdam

· Life’s String of Beads

· The Memories Held in Clothing

· Struggles of Running a Startup

· Exploring the Features and Benefits of Lucky Sweater

Episode Resources:

· Hot Chocolate Recipe

· Rudy Jude Clothing

· Mirrors in the Earth: Reflections on Self-Healing from the Living World by Asia Suler

· Listen to The Good Dirt “Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth with Asia Suler, Author of ‘Mirrors in the Earth’”

· Light Phone

· “The Artist's Way” by Julia Cameron

Connect with Carley & Tanya:

· Website:

· Instagram @lucky.sweater:

· Download the App:

· TikTok:

· Gift a Sustainer Membership:


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