Christina Schindler

171. Ancestral Food Ways in Family Life and Business with Christina Schindler of Modern Stone Age Kitchen

We’re talking to Christina Schindler, who after spending 20 years in public education as a teacher and administrator, has embarked on a business venture with her family as the CEO of the Modern Stone Age Kitchen, a restaurant in Chestertown, MD that optimizes nutrition in modern foods through ancestral techniques–creating healthy food for the community.

Christina also serves as President of the Eastern Shore Food Lab, a non-profit that is focused on creating a nourishing, ethical and sustainable food system through education, outreach and research. Most importantly, Christina is a mother of three busy teenagers and is married to Dr. Bill Schindler, author of Eat Like a Human.

In this conversation, we’ll be talking about the extraordinary adventures of this enterprising family, from living and traveling abroad to serving their community through this very unique restaurant, and their work with the non-profit. We’ll hear about their food journey as a family, practical tips for healthy eating in a busy modern world with kids, their years long quest for gaining knowledge about ancestral foods–and how you can live in a suburban neighborhood and still accomplish things that most people would think you need to live on 20 acres to do.

This is a wonderful conversation for anyone interested in embracing ultimate health through ancestral food ways –and a great story of how this family has brought it into the context of modern family life and business. Prepare to be inspired by the end of the episode to start eating like a human.

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Topics Discussed

· Living & Traveling Abroad

· Having a Family-Owned Community-Oriented Restaurant

· Being a Former Educator

· Cottage Food Operation

· Commercial Food Production

· The Sourdough Process

· What It Means to Eat like a Human

· Employing a Team of 25

· Food Processing Then & Now

· Traveling Abroad with Family

· The Origin of Maize (aka Corn)

· Being a Former Vegetarian

· Hunting as a Food Source

· Food Education

· Old Bay Seasoning & Pumpkin Spice

· Raising 3 Teenagers: Fast Food, Snacks, and House Rules

· The Nutritional Pressure of Feeding a Family

· Living in Ireland

· Kefir

· Ancestral Nutrition Knowledge

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