Slow Living Through The Seasons: December

Whatever we’re celebrating in December, whether it’s the birth of the Christ child, or the miracle of light in the darkness, cultural heritage or family tradition— the urge to gather together in feasting and celebration, seeking warmth and light, is something that connects us to the common human experience of being vulnerable to nature. In this episode, Mary reflects on the winter solstice, what we perhaps share in common with our ancestors’ experience in the darkest and coldest days of the year, and how our cultural celebrations can separate us further from the rhythms of the natural world. Also, what’s behind the tradition of hanging a wreath on the door? Here’s a story you might not have heard before.


Topics Discussed

Episode Resources*:

  • Raising With the Moon: The Complete Guide to Gardening--and Living--by the Signs of the Moon by Taylor Reese and Jack Pyle
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