Dina Falconi

Dina Falconi, herbalist, teacher, and author, of Feasting and Foraging talks about her journey towards leading a meaningful, spiritual, and healthy life. She talks about her experiences with finding natural medicine through food. Specializing in permaculture and herbal healing, Dina talks about how we can make changes in our everyday lives to improve our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

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Topics discussed:

  • Dina's journey with plants beginning at age 11 in the East Village of NYC
  • Micky Carter, Dina's early mentor
  • Worked and studied at an herb company with Pam Montgomery, https://www.wakeuptonature.com/about/
  • William Lassasier--herbal teacher
  • Earthy Bodies and Heavenly Hair
  • Dina's work in the Hudson River Valley, NY creating virtual teachings with her son and filmmaker Sam Falconi
  • How Dina shares content on digital media without a cellphone
  • Dina talks about living without a cellphone
  • Claire Dunn Episode
  • Dina's clinical herbalist is connected to food activism and foraging
  • How do city dwellers experience wild foods?
  • Ecosystem stewardship and land care is a big theme for foragers
  • A discussion about invasives
  • Mugwort
  • The process of creating Feasting and Foraging
  • Wendy Hollender / illustrator for Feasting and Foraging
  • Plant foraging and healing with herbs as a growing topic of interest/ the "hipster wave"
  • Knowledgeable foraging can create more biodiversity and abundance in the landscape
  • Slow living as plant literacy, observing nature's processes
  • Botanical Arts Press
  • Dina Falconi's YouTube Channel
  • In the Wild Kitchen


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