Ian C. Williams

152. "Soil & Spirit" author Ian C. Williams on Self-Actualization and Saving Yourself to Save the Earth 

What is our work as individuals in creating a more sustainable and regenerative future? Today's guest is Ian C Williams, author of  Soil & Spirit: Seeds of Purpose, Nature’s Insight & the Deep Work of Transformational Change.  In his book, Ian draws the link between the work of self-actualization and the solution to the present day crisis we face both for our planet and for the human race.

Years of addiction and recovery forced Ian to relentlessly pursue self-awareness and inner work, guiding him to what he refers to as an “environmental awakening.” All of this, combined with a single mystical experience, led him to an essential discovery: the only way out is in. 

This conversation takes us on a deep dive into what our inner work as individuals might be, and how through self exploration and our reconnection with our place in the natural world, we can create cultural transformation from the inside out. In other words, the way to transform the world—is to transform ourselves.

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Topics Discussed

• Self-Actualization

• Substance Use Abuse, Addiction, and Recovery

• The Impact of Losing a Beloved Pet

• Focusing on the Process Over the Outcome

• Climate Change & Soil

• Diversity Creates Resilience

• The Foundation of Spirituality

• Internal, Social, External, and Spiritual Landscapes

• Environmental Awakening

• Reconnecting to Nature Through Experience

• Falling in Love with the World

• Saving Ourselves to Save the World

• Teaching At-Risk Youth to Form Positive Experiences with Nature

• Social Justice and Environmental Justice

• Reconnecting Corporate America with the Earth

• Hope for Humanity's Future

• Mass Extinction Events & The Way The Earth Endures

• How to Save Yourself on the Individual Basis

• The Power of Breath


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