Bonus Episode: Planning a "Sustainable" Wedding {PART 3}

Bonus Episode: Planning a "Sustainable" Wedding: Reflecting on Everything Post-Ceremony {PART 3}

Mary and Emma have returned from Emma's wedding! After months planning the weekend-long event, doing all they could to reduce waste and be as sustainable as possible, they can now sit down to reflect on the celebration. They share tips on practical ways to cut down on waste, how to communicate your goals with your vendors, the challenges of trying to do things differently and some surprising examples of things actually being easier than anticipated. In the end, Mary and Emma were both delighted with how everything turned out. Whether you have a wedding coming up or are curious about ideas for planning an event with sustainability in mind, come join us for this post wedding wrap-up!

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How to plan a sustainable wedding

Topics Discussed

• Post-Wedding Reflections

• Emma's Mini-Honeymoon

• Cultural Expectations Around Weddings & Honeymoons

• Composting During a Wedding

• Reducing Waste in Wedding Party Favors

• Gift Boxes

• Communicating with Your Caterers

• Choosing Sustainable Vendors

• Ethical Wedding Dress & Bridal Party Attire

• Why Have a Wedding?

• Staying On Budget During a DIY Wedding

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