Jane Hawley Stevens

179. Cultivating Nature's Wisdom with Herbalist and Author Jane Hawley Stevens

Organic Farmer and herbalist Jane Hawley Stevens discovered the magic of natural remedies in her personal life before establishing Four Elements Organic Herbals and developing a complete herbal wellness line. Jane and her husband have a 130 acre farm where they have been certified organic since 1990, and take great care to cultivate their plants sustainably. In her new book “The Celestial Garden” Jane shares the wisdom of planting by the moon and by the zodiac, relying on the earth's natural rhythms for guidance not only in the garden but in so many aspects of life. She explains how the movement of the moon through the constellations of the zodiac provides a detailed calendar of optimal times for planting seeds, roots, and transplants, as well as for pruning, weeding, propagation, harvesting, and even starting new projects or taking a rest. In this conversation, we talk about the different methods and traditions of astrological gardening, the importance of listening to your inner guidance, grounding ourselves in the wisdom of elders and living in harmony with the moon and the Earth.

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Topics Discussed

· Introduction and Weather Talk

· Celebrating the Festival of Imbolc and St. Bridget

· St. Bridget's Influence on Lady Farmer

· Jane's Journey into Organic Farming and Herbalism

· Horticulture & The Old Farmer’s Almanac

· Traditional Medicines

· The Story of Finding the Farm

· Exploring Celestial Gardening

· Planting by the Signs

· The Rhythms of Gardening and Life

· Comparing Different Systems of Celestial Gardening

· Adapting to Changing Seasons and Climate

· Winter Activities, Wreath Making, and Holiday Preparations

· Embracing the Non-Gardening Months

· Outdoor Winter Fun

· The Impact of Marketing on Common Sense

· The Importance of Trusting Inner Guidance

· The Shifting Baseline Phenomenon

· The Magic of Plants Choosing You

· The Good Dirt and the Importance of Soil

· Promoting Home Remedies and Reducing Plastic Usage

Episode Resources:

· Listen to The Good Dirt “The History and Folklore of Brigid: Saint, Legend and Lady Farmer with Kathy Spaar”

· Listen to Slow Living Through the Seasons

· Read “The Celestial Garden: Growing Herbs, Vegetables, and Flowers in Sync with the Moon and Zodiac” by Jane Hawley Stevens

· Old Farmer’s Almanac

Connect with Jane Hawley Stevens:

· Website: https://fourelementsherbals.com

· Instagram @fourelementsherbals: https://www.instagram.com/fourelementsherbals/


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