Pamela Boll

180. Filmmaker Pamela Boll on Regenerative Agriculture 

Today's guest is Pamela Tanner Boll who is an artist, filmmaker, writer and activist. She is the Founder and CEO of Mystic Artists Film Productions, joining us to talk about her current project, a film called To Which We Belong which highlights farmers and ranchers leaving behind conventional agriculture and adopting regenerative practices that are improving the health of our soil and sea and saving our planet. Pamela shares with Emma and Mary the misconceptions regarding the climate impact of cattle and the untapped potential of ruminants in climate remediation, the importance of understanding the interconnectedness of every organism on earth, how we as individuals can reduce waste, and ways to foster community in order to better the planet.

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Topics Discussed

· Valentine’s Day and Waste

· Interconnectedness of Life

· Connection to the Earth

· Documentary Filmmaking

· Cattle and Their Effect on Climate Change

· Microbes, Fungi, and Bugs

· The Effect of Our Actions on the Planet

· Policy Changes

· Power of Individuals

· Sharing Stories of Sustainability

· Creativity & The Power of Change

· Individualistic Mindset

· The Role of Love in Creating a Better World

· Fixing Earth, not aiming for Mars

· Embracing “Dirty” Aspects of Life

· Supporting Non-profit Organizations

· Gardens

· The Business of Big Agro

· Reversing Soil Erosion

· Where Our Food Comes From

· Seeing the Good

· Being Mindful Consumers

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· Watch Allan Savory’s TED Talk “How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change”

· The Savory Institute

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· To Which We Belong:

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