Jessie Stokes

Today’s guest is Jessie Stokes, founder and owner of The Tiny Yellow Bungalow Shop. What started as an experimental blog in sustainability in the Spring of 2015 has become an online, eco-conscious one-stop source for natural and sustainably produced items for your daily needs. Jessie puts a lot of work and research into providing products that are free of plastics, pollutants, toxins, and wasteful packaging. 

In this conversation we talk about the conundrum of selling the idea of sustainability without promoting more consumerism, issues with greenwashing, the problem with buzzwords like "zero waste" and "plant-based", and the driving force of convenience as a selling point.

Jessie is passionate about her mission and eager to encourage others in their sustainability journey. She’s also a young mom, and has advice for others in making life decisions that require a different approach to sustainability. Stick around for what she has to say about cloth diapering! 

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Topics Discussed:

  • Pawpaws are here! Earthy Delights
  • Autumn Ice Cream recipes in The ALMANAC
  • Natural Dyeing, Botanical Colors
  • Why Jessie started a sustainable shop
  • The conundrum of selling sustainable items/encouraging purchases
  • How making small changes can encourage people to go further
  • Finding appropriate products for the store
  • Working on sustainability within a broken system
  • Encouraging others that they don't have to be perfect
  • Bringing the issues to a dialogue 
  • Sustainability was the norm not that long ago
  • Compostable as greenwashing
  • Marketing words used around sustainability
  • Convenience as a factor in decision making
  • Cloth diapering

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