Julia Blandford

Today's episode is with Julia Blandford, a recent graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fashion Marketing and Management, and host of the Seeking Sustainability Podcast. Join us for this fun and refreshing conversation with one of the younger voices within our community. Julia identifies herself as on the cusp of the Millennial and Gen Z generations, openly sharing about her passion as a self-proclaimed environmentalist as well as the doubts and frustrations along her own sustainable living journey. We find it hopeful and enlightening to hear how Julia and her contemporaries are approaching the challenges that face us in our world today.

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Topics Discussed:

Join the Lady Farmer Slow Living Challenge! (Starts 2.6.23)

  • Julia's story as a Gen Z environmentalist
  • How she started her podcast--Seeking Sustainability
  • ESG: Environmental Sustainable Governance
  • Environmentalism in hard times
  • How Julia's personal struggles informed her environmentalist views
  •  Privilege and sustainability
  •  How Julia felt like she failed at sustainability
  •  There's no formula for what it means to be an environmentalist
  •  Julia's experience with being a vegan
  • Small steps to getting around degenerative systems
  • Accountability and empathy
  • Sustainability and consumerism
  • Intersectional environmentalism
  • Cottage core
  • Gen Z and sustainability 
  • "Trends don't exist outside of social media for my generation."
  • What does slow living mean outside of social media?
  • Julia's slow-living stew


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