Reprise: Little Christmas and a Story for Epiphany, The Legend of Old Befana

In this episode, Mary and Emma discuss the meaning of January 6th as the Feast of Epiphany. According to the Christian Liturgical Calendar, this day commemorates the three Magi's visit to the scene of the nativity and marks the end of the Christmas season. In the Appalachian tradition, Epiphany was known as "Little Christmas" or "Old Christmas," hearkening back to Old World traditions of extending the Christmas season over 12 days as an extended period of celebration and rest, ending with "Little Christmas" on January 6th. This episode concludes with Mary's telling of an Epiphany story from Italy, the Legend of Old Befana, which is a replay from two years ago.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Epiphany
  • Little Christmas or Old Christmas
  • The Legend of Old Befana


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