Julia Skinner

In this episode, Mary and Emma are talking to Julia Skinner of Root: Historic Kitchens for the Modern World. Root was born from Julia's deep love for community and a belief in the power of food to tell stories, connect us to place and to each other, and to build a bridge to the past.

Julia's work is all about food, history, food stories, and where it comes from and the people behind it. She loves fostering connections with other people and with the earth around us. Julia is especially interested in learning and teaching about fermentation, demonstrating to people the ease and accessibility of preparing delicious and healthy food using this ancient and powerful food preservation technique.

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Topics Covered:

  • Exploring historic cookbooks
  • Julia’s discovery of historical cooking traditions
  • Types of fermentation she has explored
  • How to start fermenting
  • The growing popularity of traditional foods
  • Shifting food interests during the pandemic
  • Food Access
  • Milk Kefir
  • Food as medicine

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