Edzard van der Wyck

Edzard van der Wyck is the co-founder of Sheep Inc., a sustainable apparel company that creates carbon negative knitwear made from merino wool. Sheep Inc's revolutionary approach starts at the source - the farm! Their partnership with regenerative farms in New Zealand and innovative manufacturing processes allow them to maintain a carbon negative status from sheep to sweater.

In this episode, we talk about the impact of the fashion industry on our climate, how Sheep Inc was born, why they chose to start at the raw materials, regenerative sheep wool farms and how they work, and why carbon neutral goals are not enough. We also discuss how we can collectively shift to a more sustainable economy as a whole, and Edzard's hope for what the future of purchasing looks like.

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Topics Covered:

  • The impact of the fashion industry on our climate
  • Sheep Inc's innovative manufacturing process
  • Regenerative sheep farming in New Zealand
  • Why carbon neutral goals are not enough
  • How Sheep Inc maintains its carbon negative status
  • Sustainably dyeing their garments
  • How Sheep Inc. avoids waste or deadstock in their manufacturing
  • The future of transparency and shopping sustainably
  • How social pressure may have a role in a more sustainable future
  • The true cost of fashion, and our perceived value of apparel
  • The durability of natural fibers
  • Why transparency is important, but may not be enough in the future

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