Korynn Newville

175. The Story of Calcium and Why it Matters with Author Korynn Newville

Drywall. Concrete. Limestone. All materials we see in our day-to-day in the buildings we come across and the homes we live in. But did you know that at the core of it all is the element of calcium? Just like the calcium within our bones, the calcium that is extracted from the earth to build homes and skyscrapers is a finite resource that is slowly hurting the soil we all stand in. In this episode, Mary and Emma speak to Korynn Newville, an artist, designer, author, and environmental activist with a Master's in Architecture from the Art Institute of Chicago and a Bachelor of Design from the University of Minnesota. Her thought-provoking book, "Indiscernibile Elements: Calcium", explores the intersection of science, art, design, and nature, urging humans to be more conscious of the natural systems in the built environment. She shares her perspective here — including how architecture can honor the earth, why concrete is a bigger problem than we realize, and how our grief around the Earth's suffering can be directed towards its healing. Korynn will leave you with a new appreciation of the interconnections of all life, by taking us into the world of calcium.

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Topics Discussed

• Welcoming 2024 & Celebrating 4 Years of the Podcast

• Reintroducing Ourselves

• What Calcium Can Do

• Green Burials

• How Architecture Can Honor the Earth

• Osteoporosis

• Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE)

• Artwork & Architectural Design Work

• Environmental Activism & Working in the Corporate World

• Balancing the Housing Issue and Sustainability

• Building Non-Toxic Homes

• Korynn's Dream House

• Bio Retention Areas

• Intentional City Planner

• Why Concrete is a Huge Problem

• Extracting Limestone

• How Drywall is Made

• The Kilning Process

• The Deal with Burying Bones

• Speaking from Calcium's POV

• Discerning Your Wants & Needs

• Grieving Our Earth


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Connect with Korynn Newville:

• Website: https://www.newvillekorynn.com/

• IG @kornville https://www.instagram.com/kornville/



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