Liv Olsen

158. Ecology and Textiles: Shopping Sustainably with Liv Olsen of "A Thrifty Notion"

Liv Olsen, owner of the secondhand fabric shop A Thrifty Notion in Ogden, Kansas, has a passion for textiles and ecology. She is on a mission to prevent deadstock and destashed fabrics from ending up in landfills, while promoting sustainability in the textile industry. In this episode, Emma, Mary, and Liv discuss the challenges of sourcing quality secondhand textiles, ways to promote mindful consumption, and the intersection of textiles and sustainability. Liv's message will inspire you to reconsider your own practices and adopt a more sustainable approach to your clothing.


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 Topics Discussed

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

• Creating an Online Business

• Leaving Quilting for the Secondhand Store

• Why Thrifting Has Risen in Popularity

• Goodwill's Rising Prices

• Checking Clothes for Plastic Content: The Burn Test

• The Permanence of Plastics in Fabrics

• Overconsumption & Abundance of Clothing

• Growing Up in a Homestead

• Each Generation Dealing with More and More Stuff

• How Marketing Might Be the Potential Solution in America

• Secondhand Quality Control

• Tough Fabrics to Maintain

• Balancing Sustainability with Running a Business

• Funding the Creative Process

• Cotton

• Linen, Flax, and Hemp

• Waiting Before Consuming


Episode Resources:

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

"The Lady Farmer Guide to Slow Living: Cultivating Sustainable Simplicity Close to Home" by Mary E. Kingsley

Crispina ffrench

• Listen to The Good Dirt. "The Chico Flax Project"

• Listen to The Good Dirt, "The PA Flax Project"

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