Andi Eaton Alleman

Creating the Life You Want: A Holistic Approach to Radiant Living with Andi Eaton Alleman of Oui, We Studio

Our guest today is Andi Eaton Alleman, Founder of Oui, We Studio, a platform dedicated to new school approaches to radiant living. She also hosts the top-ranked wellness podcast Your Woo Woo Best Friend, which features practical conversations for attainable transformation. Andi is known for her no nonsense approach to spiritual wellness and practical advice for living a high-vibe life. Her latest book, Elemental: Nature Inspired Rituals to Nourish Your Life is for wellness enthusiasts interested in disconnecting from the digital and reconnecting with the natural world for better health and inner peace. She’s also the Founder and Creative Director of the clean beauty brand Casa Noon.

In this conversation, we discuss numerous topics, including some of the ideas in Andi's book about nature and ritual, Ayurveda, the practice of manifestation, the system of Human Design, and how to bring soul and spirit into our work. Tune in for a fresh and accessible approach to creating the life you want!


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Topics Discussed

• Manifestation

• Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Beauty Brand

• Rituals

• Astrology

• Living with Intentionality

• Disconnecting from the Digital World

• The Difference Between Ritual and Habit

• Believing in What is Meant for You

• Detaching from the Outcome

• Human Design

• Defining a Manifesting Generator

• Connecting to Your Intuition

• The Incarnation Cross

• Being a Conscious CEO

• What Success Means

• Breaking the Hustle Culture Cycle


Episode Resources:

"Elemental: Nature-Inspired Rituals to Nourish Your Life" by Andi Eaton Alleman 

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