Liz Reitzig

Heal and connect with seasonal locally grown food and learn how to participate in a system that sustains our local economy, provides food access, food security and mitigates food waste. Our guest today, Liz Reitzig, saw that responsibly sourced food had the power to heal her family and community. In hopes of spreading the good word on the transformative power of this food, she started a buying club consisting of high quality foods from sustainable and regenerative local farms and artisans. She wanted to create consistent and convenient access to these foods and provide an alternative choice to the unsustainable industrialized system that currently prevails. Liz knows that access to shorter supply chains means not only supporting fair living wages for farmers and high quality conditions for our food but ensures our own food supply in the event of a larger scale supply chain disruption. The reward of eating local, getting to enjoy a deep connection to delicious, high quality food that is intrinsically linked to the land and the seasons. 

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Topics Covered:

  • CSA - Community Supported Agriculture 
  • Buying Club 
  • Supply Chain Issues 
  • Food Waste
  • Raw Milk
  • Pasteurization 
  • The Dairy Industry 
  • Short Supply Chain
  • Local Food 
  • Sourcing Locally 
  • Food Security 
  • Food Waste
  • Composting

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