Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life

Join the minimalist movement, and design a simple, sustainable lifestyle that provides freedom from debt, consumerism, and cultural expectations.  Our guest today is Ryan Mitchell, creator of The Tiny Life, who started his minimalist journey by challenging the American dream  and having the courage to ask, what does the life I really want to live actually look like? He began by moving into his self built tiny house in 2012, sharing his journey along the way and connecting with other like-minded tiny house enthusiasts. This passion ultimately created a business that sustained his dream of an independent, pared down, low cost life – one deeply rooted in an understanding of slow living and the power of conscious choices. Ryan simplified his life by pausing to examine how he spent his time, money, and resources, and by second guessing the industrialized systems that have come to provide our daily needs. He is now a life simplification expert and encourages everyone he meets to build a habit of questioning norms and stopping to think critically about your choices as a consumer. The key to minimalist  living is to mindfully observe how you move through your life, how you use your resources, your time and your living spaces. Be bold and challenge assumptions. On the other side of hard decisions and self observation is a small, simple life that supports you and the planet.  

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Topics Covered:

  • Tiny Homes
  • The Tiny House Movement 
  • Homesteading
  • Simple Living 
  • Minimalism
  • Marketing “PAS” - Identity the Problem, Agitate the Consumer, Present a Solution 
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

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