Maria Rodale

147. Seeking the Wisdom of the Earth with Maria Rodale, author of Love, Nature, Magic: Shamanic Journeys into the Heart of My Garden

Meet Maria Rodale, an author and advocate for organic regenerative farming. An explorer in search of the mysteries of the universe, Maria is the author of "Love Nature Magic: Shamanic Journeys into the Heart of My Garden", "Organic Manifesto", "Scratch", and is the author of a children's book series called written by the under the pen name "Mrs. Peanuckle". Her book "Love Nature Magic" was featured as a part of the a recent selection for the Lady Farmer book club, so it was truly an honor to get to talk with her on The Good Dirt. Together, Mary, Emma, and Maria discuss her new book, her family legacy in the world of regenerative agriculture, as well as her evolution from a CEO to (in her own words) a “crazy gardener.” Maria is truly a voice for the power and magic of nature and a guide for all of us seeking to rekindle a meaningful connection to the earth.

Maria is the former CEO and Chairman of Rodale Inc, and has served on multiple nonprofit boards including the Rodale Institute, Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project, and the Pennsylvania Federal Reserve Advisory council. She has received awards for her lifetime of service and activism, including the National Audubon Rachel Carson Award and the United Nations Population Fund’s Award for the Health and Dignity of Woman Everywhere.

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Topics Discussed

• Growing up on as 3rd Generation Farmer at the Rodale Institute

The Farming Systems Trial

• Moving Out at 18 to Becoming CEO: Family Loss & Legacy

• The Implosion of the Publishing Industry

• Following Her Nose: How Maria Found Writing

• The Making of "Love Nature Magic"

• What is a Shamanic Journey? 

• Dealing with Mugwort in Gardens

• Decolonizing Our Relationship with Nature

• A Garden's Desire to be Wild

• Why the Biggest Changes Come from a Change in Behavior

• Being Open to Hearing Nature's Message

• Changing the Future by Modeling What Could Be Over What Is

• Recovering from a Stroke

•"Regenerative" over "Sustainability"

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