Bailey Van Tassel

146. Suburban Homesteading with Bailey Van Tassel of The Kitchen Garden Society

Bailey Van Tassel is an entrepreneur and mother of three, who created both the Kitchen Garden Society and the Garden Culture Podcast. She grew up on a hobby farm in Sebastopol, California, but didn't fully appreciate her cowboy parents until she moved away and missed the huge garden, chickens, and pigs that she grew up around. Settling into the suburbs of Southern California meant she couldn't have the same amount of space, but after a challenge from her husband Joe, Bailey went to Home Depot, bought some plants, got her HOA's permission after vowing to share her vegetables, and the rest was history. Bailey's life changed even more once she started to share her journey online, where her passion shifted from hobby to profession. In this episode, Emma and Mary sit down with Bailey to discuss her journey, the evolution of her gardening practices, and techniques such as planting by the moon and vermicomposting. After years of searching for the perfect land to have her farm and garden, Bailey realized that right where she was, was good enough. She wants you to know that you can grow the garden of your dreams in any amount of space – you just need the right info. And that's what she's here to teach you!

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Topics Discussed

• The Summer Solstice

• Social Media & Running an Online Business

• Deciding How to Raise Kids

• Lessons Learned from Moving from a Small City to a Big City

• Creating a Connection to Nature for the Next Generation

• Sharing the Journey to Gardening Online

• The Feeling of Yearning

• Our Innate Connectedness to Nature

• Living a Garden Inspired Life

• How to Garden in a Small Space

• High Density Planting

• Kids & Vegetables

• The Deal with Snap Peas

• Regenerative Gardening Practices

• Planting by the Moon

• What Is Vermicomposting


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