Mary and Emma | Mother's Day Episode

193. A Mother's Day Conversation and Family Announcements: A Time of Loss and Joy

Join us for this special Mother's Day episode as mother and daughter team Mary and Emma share what it's like running a business and producing a weekly podcast together. They also have family news to share--- both joyful and sad.

They talk about the privilege and delight of working together, the division of labor and expertise, and the importance of setting boundaries. They also touch on the challenges and frustrations that come with running a business and the need to separate personal and work lives. Overall, they emphasize the joy and fulfillment they find in their collaboration. and how it has forced them to grow and work on communication skills.

Mary and Emma are also taking this opportunity to announce that Emma is going to be a mom, and they discuss their plans for the podcast during Emma's maternity leave. They touch on the challenges and decisions involved in becoming a parent and the consumer pressures that can come at this time. They emphasize the importance of removing judgment from parenting choices and the need for support and understanding in navigating the entrance to parenthood.

In bringing the discussion to a close, Mary and Emma remind us that Mother's Day can be a difficult day for some people, and they encourage others to acknowledge their own feelings and associations around this time and to practice self care where it's needed. They also acknowledge Mother Earth as the mother of all, and as the ultimate source of life and sustenance.
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Topics Discussed:
In an intro, Mary announces the passing of her mother on May 1st after the recording of this episode.

• Working with family can be a privilege and a delight, bringing a unique dynamic to the business.
• Setting clear roles and boundaries can help maintain a healthy working relationship.
• Separating personal and work lives is important for maintaining balance and avoiding burnout.
• Challenges and frustrations are a normal part of running a business, but finding joy and fulfillment in the work can make it all worthwhile.
• Working with family can be a privilege and provide flexibility, but it also requires growth and communication skills.
• Becoming a parent involves making challenging decisions and facing pressure and guilt, but it's important to remove shame and judgment from parenting choices.
• Mother's Day can be a difficult day for some people, and it's important to offer support and understanding.
• Let's celebrate Mother Earth on Mother's Day, as the ultimate source of life and sustenance

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