Osprey Orielle Lake

194. Empowering Women in Environmentalism with WECAN Founder Osprey Orielle Lake (Part 1)

The earth is in so much pain right now — but how can we reconnect with our place in nature to help her? Osprey Orielle Lake, founder of WECAN (Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network, International, has just published “The Story Is in Our Bones: How Worldviews and Climate Justice Can Remake a World in Crisis”. In this conversation, she talks about the importance of women's leadership in climate solutions, detailing how gender inequality exacerbates climate vulnerability and how women's involvement is crucial for sustainable outcomes. Osprey's work emphasizes the need for a just transition to clean energy, touching on the detrimental effects of patriarchy and racism on the environment. She takes us through some of her successes as a leader advocating for systemic change to address root causes of environmental degradation.
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Topics Discussed

· The Rights to Nature Movement

· Founding of the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)·

· How Women Create Balance and Healing in Society

· Balance and Harmony with Nature

· Environmental Degradation

· Climate Justice

· Dismantling Systems of Oppression

· Reciprocity with the Earth

· How to Live in Balance

· Environmental Laws & Justice System

· Speaking Language, Memory, and a Storied Living Landscape

· Healing Relationships

· The Impact of Women-led Movements

· Damage of the Patriarchy on Our Relationship to the Earth

· Growing Up in the Countryside

· Humanity’s Destructive Imprint on the World

· Colonization

· The Pain of Transformation

Episode Resources:

· Read “The Story Is in Our Bones: How Worldviews and Climate Justice Can Remake a World in Crisis” by Osprey Orielle Lake

· Listen to The Good Dirt “191. Paul Hawken on Carbon, Climate and Connection”

Connect with Osprey Orielle Lake:

· Website: http://www.ospreyoriellelake.info/OspreyOrielleLake/Home.html

· Instagram @ospreyoriellelake: https://www.instagram.com/ospreyoriellelake/

· WECAN International: https://www.wecaninternational.org/who-we-are


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