Melissa K. Norris

Melissa K. Norris is a fifth-generation homesteader who believes in keeping the old ways alive and that food shouldn't come from a box. She lives on a 15-acre farm in Washington state with her husband and two children, and together they raise 100% of their own meat and a majority of the fruits and vegetables they consume in a year. 

Melissa doubled-down on her homesteading journey after a chronic health issue caused her to look at the foods she was eating every day. She decided she could save money and be healthier if she grew and preserved her own food rather than purchasing pre-packaged food items. From this, she’s built a homesteading empire, with a podcast, multiple books, and an online education platform with over a thousand members. 

Melissa's passion is to teach others the skills of the homesteading and simple life movement, no matter where you live. In this conversation, we talk about the concept of convenience and how it is used against us - especially in the food industry - as well as small, attainable steps you can take to begin your homesteading journey. Join us for this inspiring conversation! 

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Topics Covered:

  • How Melissa healed her chronic health issues with food
  • Food fads of the nineties
  • Reframing what "convenience" means to you 
  • Small steps to start homesteading
  • How Melissa created the Pioneering Today Academy
  • Herbalism and Natural Medicines

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