Mollie Engelhart

169. Regenerative Agriculture & How Good Dirt Will Heal the Earth with Mollie Engelhart

Topsoil nutrition continues to decline, plastics in our foods are on the rise, and governments all around the world are taking too long to solve the impending crisis on the horizon. So what can we do?

In this episode, regenerative farmer, mother, speaker, chef, restauranteur, producer, and writer Mollie Engelhart shares her moment of realization that food composting is key to turning this around. She believes that the hope for Earth's future falls to what we can each do individually because collective action and community can change the future. Mollie shares her expertise and passion for sustainable practices in farming and the importance of healthy eating and holistic family life. As a board member of Kiss the Ground, a nonprofit focused on regenerative agriculture, Mollie emphasizes the potential of regenerative practices in stabilizing Earth's ecosystems. Join Emma and Mary as they delve into Mollie's inspiring journey and learn about the power of good dirt in healing our planet. This episode will leave you feeling inspired by the prospect of regenerative farming and the transformative potential of conscious purchasing decisions.

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Topics Discussed

· Black Friday/Cyber Monday

· Being a Mother, Chef, and Farmer

· The Danger of Carbon & Methane

· The Forever Chemicals Being Sprayed on Our Food

· What We’ve Lost in Our Efficiency

· Why We Can’t Rely Solely on Regenerative Energy Sources

· Over-Regulation & Bureaucracy

· Returning to Collaboration & Community

· Climate Change & Cities

· Future Fertility Rates

· Survival of the Family Farm

· Self-Sufficiency & Individualism is Not the Answer

· California vs. Texas

· Hyper-polarization in Politics

· Processed Foods

· Eating for Sustenance

· Microbial in Top Soil

· Seasonality of Food

· Mollie’s Rescue Parrots

· Being a Poet and a Producer

· How Mollie Sees the Revolution

· Slow Living & Full Living

· Persimmons


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