"Bee Whisperer" Michael Jordan

170. Beyond Honey: The Truth About Beekeeping with Michael Jordan the "Bee Whisperer"

Did you know that honeybees increase the yield in our food supply by 30% in our current agricultural system? Master Beekeeper and "Bee Whisperer" Michael Jordan tells us all about it from his perspective as a small scale commercial beekeeper, educator and mead maker. A master in beekeeping, Michael is the CEO and Founder of A BEE Friendly Company, INC. in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he produces honey, tends to his hives, and educates others on how to properly keep and care for bees. In this episode, he dives into the history of bees, the challenges of organic and treatment-free beekeeping, the impact of human practices on bee colonies, and the role of bees in our ecosystem. We also learn about the art of mead making and Michaels' accomplishments as creator of The King's Mead. Whether you're a seasoned beekeeper or simply curious about the intricate world of bees and how they help keep us fed, this episode will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the role of bees in our lives.

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Topics Discussed

• Welcoming December

• Becoming a Beekeeper

• Mead/Honey Wine

• Managing 60 hives & Multiple Apiaries 

• Backyard Beekeeping vs. Commercial Beekeeping

• Pricing Honey by the Pound

• Apiaries, Colonies, and Hives

• Resting Haven for Bees

• Why Bees are Important & Worth Saving

• Achieving a Nice, Natural Honeycomb

• Honeybees Being Imported to America

• How Food Production Changed due to Bees

• Mead Making at Weddings & Private Events

• Resoiling the Earth & Permaculture

• Preventative Measures to Save Bees

• Organic and Organic Practices

• "Raw" Honey

• Bee Focused Education Programs


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