Bonus: Mary & Emma on Sustainable Weddings {Part 2}

Bonus Episode: Planning a "Sustainable" Wedding: A Peek Into Our Process {PART 2}

Mary and Emma Discuss Low Waste & Sustainability Goals for Emma’s Wedding

In the second installment of this bonus series on sustainable weddings, Mary and Emma discuss the challenges of planning their family celebration without the excessive waste that is typical in the industry. With Emma’s big day coming up in just one month, Mary and Emma chat about their process and let us in on what they are thinking about in regards to sustainability and a wedding!

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Topics Discussed

  • "Picture This" App
  • Emma reflects on her wedding as an entry point to a new life
  • Weddings as a reflection of cultural expectations vs. personal values and vision
  • Book: A Practical Wedding Planner by Meg Keene
  • Emma explains how rethinking certain aspects of the traditional wedding can relieve pressure
  • Rethinking the bridal party
  • Investing in a "day-of" coordinator
  • Delegate where. you can--trust your vendor
  • Rethinking the honeymoon
  • Creating your own vision and desires vs buying into a giant industry
  • Wedding letdown or wedding relief?

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