Rachel Armistead

Welcome to The Good Dirt, Episode 2!

In this episode, we introduce you to our friend and Lady Farmer, Rachel Armistead, co-owner and co- executive, manager and multi-tasker at The Sweet Farm, a local farm just outside of Frederick, Maryland which offers a variety of naturally fermented foods and drinks, from sauerkraut to pickles to, their favorite, Ginger Beer! Naturally probiotic, these fermented products provide probiotic bacteria, lactic acid, and other benefits to promote gut health.

Our conversation with Rachel touched on so many topics that we are passionate about here at Lady Farmer. Not only does she give us one of the best explanations ever of what fermented foods are and how they benefit our health, but she clarifies the distinction between these are other preservation processes, such as pickling, that result in an entirely different product. We get into some fun facts about vinegar, our industrial food system and some things to watch out for when reading labels.

And as if that wasn’t already a full listen, Rachel goes on to share with us what it’s like living in a tiny house with her husband and two small children, where the romantic vision of minimalism meets a real family.  Then the discussion goes even further into reflections on consumer issues, what constitutes “enough” in our society versus the need for more, and what we can teach the next generation about want vs. need, quality of life, and how to balance conscious choices in the real world.

Listen below for this full and engaging episode, chock full of information for all of you slow living and sustainability enthusiasts!

To follow along with Rachel and The Sweet Farm, visit them on Instagram @sweetfarmkraut or at thesweetfarm.com.