Joy Hoffman

Welcome to The Good Dirt, Episode 3!

In this episode, we explore sustainable spaces with Joy Hoffman – a designer, artist and visionary whose focus is on “advancing the human spirit through meaningful and creative design solutions”.

Joy is an accomplished photographer, painter, stylist, and has designed interiors for the residential and hospitality sectors. She has launched businesses in the education space, founded a micro-school, written courses and taught workshops internationally. Joy completed her undergrad studies in Art and Anthropology, studied art in Italy, lived with a tribe in the Amazon, and has taken course work at Harvard, and along the way is raising four delightful children.

Joy’s motto is “create the things you wish existed,” which is an intriguing way to frame our discussion about creating spaces that make us feel peaceful and whole.  During this episode, we will discuss the importance of play, the concept of biophilia, the necessity for including nature in our surroundings and the role of light, color and objects in how we feel.

We will also hear about Joy’s dream of creating not only healing spaces, but entire towns, and her ideas about what a Eutopia might look like (that’s not U- topia but E-U topia) What’s that? To find out, listen to this episode!

You can follow along with Joy at or on Instagram at @j0yhoffman.


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