Shannon Lohr

Join us in this conversation about the ins and outs of sustainable fashion, how it has evolved over the last decade and where it might be headed. In this episode, Shannon Lohr, sustainable fashion expert and founder of Factory 45, discusses her own journey in apparel production and her subsequent launch of Factory 45 as an online business school for entrepreneurs launching ethical, sustainable fashion brands. Shannon teaches courses on the entire process of brand development, from fundraising and marketing to production and manufacturing. She seeks to educate and empower both consumers and business owners to make sustainable choices as they buy, sell, and manufacture, focusing on the major benefits of these choices rather than on fear or shame.

Shannon believes that more conscious consumers lead to a brighter future. As customers gradually come to know their purchasing power and begin to think about the impact of their buying choices, the market evolves and shifts toward a more sustainable outcome. While it doesn’t happen all at once, Shannon urges us to trust the process and keep making positive choices every day.

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