Stephanie Miller

Learn about individual actions you can take to mitigate climate change and make sustainability attainable for everyone, with Stephanie Miller, author of Zero Waste Living the 80/20 Way and founder of Zero Waste in DC. Stephanie left her job as a climate change specialist for the World Bank in order to simplify her own life, confront the disconnect she felt between her life and her work, and to take personal steps toward sustainability. She now empowers others in her community to examine their waste practices and connect with local resources for low-waste living.

Stephanie recognizes how paralyzing it can be to think about climate change, and encourages listeners to focus on what she calls the “magic three”: focus on food, ditching plastic, and recycling right, growing more confident and conscious with each choice. The joy and connection that result from low-waste living are paradigm shifting in themselves.

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Topics Covered:

  • The 80/20 Way - Perfection is not the answer
  • Sustainability in Food Choices
  • The greenwashing of “plant-based.” 
  • Sustainable meat production vs standard industrial CAFO operations
  • The problem of food waste
  • Purge Plastic / Easy Alternatives
  • Recycle Right/ the problem of “Wish-Cycling”
  • The community-building aspect of cultivating a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Finding joy in sustainable living 

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