Introducing Our New Podcast!

Welcome to Slow Living Through the Seasons!

This is a new monthly podcast hosted by Mary Kingsley of The Good Dirt.

Come join us for a monthly overview of how to embrace a slower, more sustainable lifestyle, tuning in to our connection with nature as we navigate our way through the year. Each month we'll be talking about gardening by the moon phases, what's up in the seasonal kitchen as it pertains to our food, whether its growing it, sourcing it, preserving or preparing it. We'll also be talking about how to navigate our cultural holidays and celebrations, and the nature celebrations that we want to integrate into our lives. We’ll be touching on topics that come up in our weekly interviews, and how to approach sustainability and low waste in a world that is very much the opposite of those things. We'll have lots to say about conscious consumerism, how to recognize greenwashing, adopting more regenerative lifestyle practices, how to demonstrate to family and friends that yes, you CAN do lots and lots of things without plastic and be the better for it, how to recharge your mind, body and spirit through more nature connection and SO MANY other things.

The more we can bring our awareness to the energy shifts and gifts of each season, the more we can bring our daily lives more into sync with the rhythms of the earth. And in doing that we find ourselves making decisions and adapting our behavior in ways that foster more care for the earth—all with the intention of helping all of us cultivate more slow and intentional living.


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