Owen Wormser

151. "Lawns into Meadows" with Author Owen Wormser on Regenerative Agriculture 

Did you know that in this country, we have an area totaling the size of Washington State that is mowed lawns? Our guest is Owen Wormser, author of Lawns Into Meadows, who helps to weave people and the natural world back together through his work building regenerative landscapes. In this conversation, we discuss how meadows offer a compelling solution in a world where lawns have an enormous detrimental impact on our ecology and have wreaked havoc on our natural ecosystems. Owen was born and raised off the grid in rural Maine, surrounded by the natural world, with nature being his greatest teacher. Influenced by his study of horticulture, permaculture, organic agriculture, and ecology, Lawns Into Meadows is a how-to guide on growing your own wildflowers and native grasses. Owen offers approachable, simple steps for anyone and everyone to create sustainable and regenerative landscapes, starting with even a few square feet of land. 


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Topics Discussed

• Connection to the Natural World

• Building Low-Maintenance Ecologically Focused Landscapes

• How Lawns Are Damaging the Planet

• Growing Up in Rural Maine & Off the Grid

• Living a Simple Life in a World We've Made Difficult

• Convenience & Its Impact on Lifestyle

• What Counts Toward a Life Full of Satisfaction, Abundance, and Fulfillment?

• Applying Academic Knowledge to Real World Practice

• Why We Want to Turn Laws into Meadows

• What Makes a Meadow a Meadow

• Dealing with Home Owner Associations

• Humans are Traditionalist

• Lawns & Status

• Steps to Start & Maintain a Meadow

• What to Plant in a Meadow

• The Lifelong Learning Process of Healing the Earth

• How Stillness Sustains Us

• Plants as Our Birthright


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Connect with Owen Wormser:

• Website: Abound Design https://abounddesign.com/

• Instagram: @lawns_into_meadows


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