Slow Living Through the Seasons | April

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In this PREVIEW, Mary discusses the arrival of spring and the human connection to nature. She highlights the disconnect between humans and the natural world, emphasizing the need to reclaim our cooperative place on the planet. Mary also explores the significance of Earth Day and the importance of environmental action.

In the full episode, available here with a paid subscription, Mary discusses gardening by the signs of the moon in April and talks about embracing weeds as a way to reduce work and support biodiversity. She also explains why she is not partaking in a big garden center shopping haul this spring. The episode concludes with a recipe share and a reminder to live in harmony with the Earth.

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  • We are nature and the same with all of the natural world.
  • Earth Day is an important event that raises awareness and promotes environmental action.
  • Gardening can be done in a low-waste manner, reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability.
  • Gardening by the signs can help optimize planting and harvesting times.
  • Embracing weeds can support biodiversity and provide nutritious additions to meals.




  • Introduction to Spring and Human Connection to Nature
  • The Disconnect Between Humans and the Natural World
  • Earth Day and Environmental Action


FULL EPISODE (available here)

  • Gardening and the Low-Waste Garden Challenge
  • Gardening by the Signs of the Moon in April
  • Embracing Weeds
  • Bringing violets into your kitchen with Violet Lemon Crisps




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