Danielle Schwab Part Two

188. Rethinking the Role of Commodity Crops and Global Food Systems | Part Two

In part two of this episode the conversation with Danielle Schwab, creator of Illuminate Food, continues. Danielle discusses the influential role of policy and larger institutions in forming the public's food choices, emphasizing the importance of transparency in supply chains to combat climate change's negative effects. She delves into the benefits and challenges of transitioning to plant-based diets and expresses her advocacy for beans as a sustainable food source instead. We explore consumer responsibility, the impact of food service choices on sustainability, and the complexities involved in shifting our cultural approach to certain foods. Danielle also shares her personal journey from corporate to creating content that sheds light on food system issues, and offers guidance on how to influence positive change in the food chain in our own kitchens.

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Topics Discussed

路 Polices and Optimism in Food Chain Change

路 Climate Beneficial Meat

路 Benefits and Challenges of Transitioning to Plant Based Meats

路 Monocultures

路 Supply Chain Transparency

路 Responsibility of Consumers in Educating Themselves

路 Sustainable Food Practices

路 Why We Should All Eat Beans

路 Diverse Food Sources

路 Overfarming & The Exploitation of Humans and Land

路 Societal Pressure to Eat or Avoid Certain Foods

路 What鈥檚 Going on with Soy & Soybeans

路 Responsible Ways to Eat Protein

路 Being Openminded with Food

路 Treating Cooking as a Pleasure over a Chore

路 Creating Content to Share Food

Episode Resources:

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路 Rancho Gordo Beans

路 Listen to The Good Dirt 鈥淓ating for the Future with Danielle Schwab of Illuminate Food Part 1鈥

Connect with Danielle Schwab:

路 Website: https://illuminate-food.com

路 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/illuminate_food/

路 Links: https://linktr.ee/illuminatefood

路 Substack: https://illuminatefood.substack.com


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