Spencre McGowan

Herbalist, artist, and cookbook author Spencre McGowan tells us about her herbal allies and the ways that living in relationship with plants has shaped her slow living journey. After receiving informal training in cooking with herbs in Sweden and attending herb school in California, Spencre began exploring her own personal relationships to herbs through writing and creating zines, one of which became her first book (Blotto Botany, a guide to herbal infusions and cordials).

Spencre is passionate about the accessibility of herbal medicine, and encourages listeners to get to know a few herbs personally, whether or not they have access to their own garden. She also advocates for the use of herbs within their cultural context. Her honesty about her slow living journey has gained her a large following on TikTok, where she works to share openly about the difficulties and joys of living closely with herbs and plants.

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Topics Covered:

  • Self-Expression Through Zines
  • Herbal Cordials and Infusions
  • The Beauty of Tulsi, or Holy Basil
  • Our Healing Relationships with Herbs
  • Getting to Know Our Herbal Allies
  • Cultural Responsibility In Herbalism
  • TikTok and Slow Living
  • Diverse Uses for Nettles

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