Marti Buckley

Marti Buckley captivates us as she portrays the rich culinary traditions of the Basque country of Spain, where slow living and seasonal eating are key ingredients to community life. Marti fell in love with Basque culture when she studied abroad in college, and has now lived in San Sebastian, Spain, for over ten years, where she has written two cookbooks about Basque cuisine. She hopes to give visibility to the little-known food, history, and culture of Basque country.

Marti takes us on a journey through the way to eat in Basque country - from pintxos (similar to tapas) to dining societies, Basque traditions around eating provide inspiration and creativity to those of us looking for ways to slow down, eat closer to home, and delve deeply into community life.

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Topics Covered:

  • Basque Culture and Cuisine
  • The American Food Industry and the Myth of Convenience
  • Slow Living and Long Lunches in Basque Country
  • The Art of the Pintxo
  • Connecting With Friends Through Traditional Basque DIning Societies
  • Relearning Seasonal Eating
  • Slow Living To Boost Nutrition and Well-Being

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