Michelle Bruhn and Stephanie Thurow

160.  Sustainable Small Scale Homesteading with authors Michelle Bruhn and Stephanie Thurow 

We often have this misconception about homesteading; that we need 40+ acres in order to start growing our own food. But that's not the case. There's so much we can do with where we are. Master Gardener Michelle Bruhn and Master Preserver Stephanie Thurow sought to change this mindset by co-authoring "Small-Scale Homesteading: A Sustainable Guide to Gardening, Keeping Chickens, Maple Sugaring, Preserving the Harvest, and More". Join the conversation as they cover a range of topics related to small scale homesteading, including the joy of preserving and growing food, finding balance in a busy schedule, and the importance of inspiring others. Emma and Mary also ask Michelle and Stephanie about their greatest challenges and joys in their work, making for a lively and informative conversation that will leave you feeling motivated to try your hand at homesteading, no matter how small your space may be.



Topics Discussed

• The Fall Equinox

• Finding a Business Partner

• From Online Connection to In-Person Collaboration

• Pushing the Seasons

• Chickens, Eggs, and Silver Maple Trees

• Food Preservation

• Feeding the Soil

• Dealing with Foxes

• Vertical Gardening in the Suburban Space

• Hügelkultur Gardening and Lasagna Gardening

• Working with Your Local Government

• Yearning

• Doing What You Can Where You're At

• Why We All Need Community

• Fostering Relationships with other Farmers

• Farmer's Markets & Sourcing Products You Can't Grow On Your Own

• The Lone Star Tick

• Farm to School Food

• Favorite Foods to Can

• Raspberries


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"Small-Scale Homesteading: A Sustainable Guide to Gardening, Keeping Chickens, Maple Sugaring, Preserving the Harvest, and More" by Stephanie Thurow and Michelle Bruhn

"Weck Home Preserving: Made-From-Scratch Recipes for Water-Bath Canning, Fermenting, Pickling, and More" by Stephanie Thurow

"Freeze Fresh: The Ultimate Guide to Preserving 55 Fruits and Vegetables for Maximum Flavor and Versatility" by Crystal Schmidt

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