Andrew Schwartz

Join us on today's episode as we take a deep dive into some very creative and forward-thinking ideas about what it means for humans to live sustainably on the earth. Our guest is Andrew Schwartz, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of The Institute for Ecological Civilization, also known as EcoCiv, which is a non-profit founded by Andrew and co-founder Philip Clayton, promoting long-term solutions for the wellbeing of people and the planet.​ Andrew is also the Executive Director of the Center for Process Studies and Assistant Professor of Process and Comparative Theology at Claremont School of Theology. In this conversation, we’re talking about fundamental shifts in many of our most basic assumptions about our relationship with each other and the environment, and the role each of us plays in the way forward towards a worldwide, life-supporting community.

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Topics Covered:

  • How Andrew came to his interest in ecology through religion
  • How The Institute for Ecological Civilization came into being
  • Explanation of The Institute for Ecological Civilization and its mission
  • The Centrality of the Human Experience
  • Genesis as a directive for the human role in the web of creation
  • Deep Ecology
  • Are we fighting for human survival or earth's survival?
  • EcoCiv partners and programs
  • Where are the solutions? Does change happen from within the system, outside the system or from the top down?
  • Who is getting it right? Who do we support?

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