Bex Partridge

Despite her life being as busy as ever, Bex Partridge tells us about the ways it feels full of better, more fulfilling things since she made the shift from a corporate job to working as a full-time flower farmer and floral designer. Bex is the founder of Botanical Tales, a dried flower installation business based in Devon, England, where she provides beautiful, low-waste floral designs to her community from her own garden. Since moving to Devon, her family has enjoyed being part of a close-knit community which supports local makers and growers. She encourages listeners to trust the process as they seek to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle, and to remember that we are not separate from nature - we all come from the good dirt.

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Topics Covered:

  • Planting by the Moon
  • The Winding Road of the Lady Farmer Lifestyle
  • Floral Artistry and Dried Flowers
  • The Benefits of Local Flowers
  • Floral Design and the Wedding Industry
  • World Events as Catalysts for Paradigm Shifts
  • Rethinking Slow Living as “Full Living”
  • Our Interconnectedness with Nature

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