Lizzie Horvitz of Finch

Lizzie Horvitz explores the subtleties and nuances of sustainability as she introduces us to Finch, a browser extension that rates products on their environmental and social impact as you shop online. Lizzie started Finch in order to empower customers to make informed, conscious choices as they consider the impact of what they buy. She is hopeful about the ways data and technology can address greenwashing and begin to shift our paradigm of unconscious over consumption.

Influenced by the data she works with at Finch, Lizzie takes a pragmatic approach to sustainability, recognizing that there are no perfect solutions or simple answers when it comes to mitigating climate change, improving welfare for manufacturing workers, or shifting the standards to which we hold our products. She advocates for small, simple steps towards improved buying choices by providing the information that customers need to choose a sustainable life.

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Topics Covered:

  • Decoding Sustainability with Data
  • Choosing Progress Over Perfection
  • The Nuances of What Makes A Product Sustainable
  • Regenerative Agriculture and Alternatives to the Meat Industry

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