BONUS: Let's Make Good Dirt!

BONUS: Let's Make Good Dirt! 

The foundation of all life on the planet is the soil beneath our feet. But that soil isn't indestructible and if scientists are right, we may only have a few dozen harvests left before the good dirt is depleted. So what can we do? We're glad you asked. In this episode, Mary and Emma discuss how everyone can contribute to soil regeneration, even without access to a farm or garden. They explore various methods, including composting food waste, sourcing food from local growers, and adding organic matter to the soil. They also share tips on minimizing digging, leaving leaves to create natural mulch, and starting a worm bin to make the soil of your dreams. If you want to start cultivating with intention by taking small steps towards creating a healthier planet, this episode on The Good Dirt about the good dirt is sure to inspire you.


Topics Discussed

• Encouraging Kids to love good dirt.

• Individual Responsibility

• The Biology of Soil

• Harvest Cycles

• Soil Degradation & Regeneration

• Limited Resource Depletion

• Composting Your Food Waste

• Local Food Sources

• Intention, not Guilt

• Good Dirt in Small Spaces

• Herbicides and Pesticides

• The Dealing with Raking Your Leaves

• Leave Your Garden Alone in the Fall

• Vermiculture

• Actionable Steps to Take This Season


Episode Resources:

Only 60 Years of Farming Left if Soil Degradation Continues by Chris Arsenault in The Scientific American

Old Farmers Almanac: How To Compost At Home

Find a Composter

Compost Manufacturing Alliance

• Vermiculture Blog

The Nation’s Corn Belt Has Lost a Third of Its Topsoil by Becca Dzombak in the Smithsonian Magazine



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